Unique School Culture

California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley (CSArts-SGV) offers a unique school culture that enables students to flourish as artists and scholars in a creative and nurturing environment. CSArts-SGV is a home-away-from-home for its students, where they are surrounded by like-minded, motivated peers and a supportive faculty. Students receive opportunities to participate in a variety of traditional school-sponsored activities, special events, clubs, and organizations that enhance leadership skills, develop confidence, and form memorable and meaningful memories.

Activities & Events

Activities & Events

CSArts-SGV hosts on- and off-campus activities and special events to promote school spirit and provide students an opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

  • Spirit Week
  • Career Day
  • Student Retreats
  • Student / Staff Dodgeball Tournament
  • Live Music / DJ and Dancing during Lunch
  • Halloween Spirit Day
  • School Dances

* Please note, all CSArts-SGV activities and events may vary each year according to student interest and participation.

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Student Clubs & Organizations

Student Clubs & Organizations

CSArts-SGV offers its students a wide variety of opportunities to get involved, meet other students and faculty members with similar interests, and form close friendships. Involvement in these clubs and organizations provides unique leadership opportunities and community service experience.

  • Academic & Honors Societies
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Conservatory & Creative Arts Organizations
  • Cultural & Faith Organizations
  • Language Clubs
  • Leadership Council (Similar to ASB / Student Council)
  • Sports & Recreation Organizations
  • Special Interest Organizations
  • Yearbook

* Please note, clubs are student-driven and student-led; all CSArts-SGV clubs and organizations may vary each year according to student interest and participation.

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Unparalleled Value

Unparalleled Value

CSArts-SGV offers an unparalleled value to its bright and talented students through the school’s rigorous academic program, combined with the 10+ hours of weekly intensive arts instruction.

CSArts-SGV is a tuition-free, donation-dependent school, provided through a unique public-private partnership. As a public charter school, CSArts-SGV receives funding from the State of California based on Average Daily Attendance (ADA) to fund the school’s college preparatory academic program.

Private funds must be raised for CSArts-SGV’s comprehensive arts instruction. While no student is admitted or denied based on family financial capacity, parents are encouraged to participate in the annual Parent Giving Program, which involves a voluntary, tax-deductible donation to the school. Funds raised through the Parent Giving Program are used to cover all costs related to the arts instructional program, and every dollar donated goes directly towards students’ arts conservatory education.

Families are encouraged to actively participate in their child’s education, through financial and volunteer-based commitments. Together, these attributes contribute to the dynamic school culture at CSArts-SGV, which promotes a cohesive educational community for parents, students, and staff.

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