When Applying Online

You will be asked to create a new applicant login. This login will only be used to submit and review an applicant's online application. Important note for families with multiple applicants: each application will require an individual, unique email address to process the online application.

Required Documents

For all new applicants

A scanned copy of a passport or official birth certificate (hospital and religious certificates do not qualify), will be required to be uploaded into the application.

Digital Audition Placement Activity

Be prepared to submit your Digital Audition Placement Activity documents and/or video uploads at the time of your application. For instructions on Digital Audition Placement Activity submission, please click here.

Required Transcripts

From everyone

If submitting transcript documents, please scan all documents together and save as a single PDF.

Applicants By Grade

7th - 9th Grade: most recently completed final report card or current progress report.

10th - 11th Grade: complete high school transcripts.


Join us in celebrating all the talented students who have already been accepted into CSArts!