What is the Family Action Network?

Similar to a parent-teacher association, the Family Action Network (FAN) provides an opportunity for parents and family members to stay connected to what's happening at CSArts-SGV, while maximizing the school experience for all CSArts-SGV students. The mission of the Family Action Network is to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities; support the school in enhancing students' academic, artistic, physical, and emotional growth; and help CSArts-SGV parents and family members to stay involved through an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative community. Are you a FAN?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you join the Family Action Network? Do you have a high school student or middle school student in your family who is attending CSArts-SGV? If so, you're already a FAN! You will be notified regularly about upcoming parent and family engagement opportunities through the Family Action Network. If you would like more detailed information about any of the Family Action Network Initiatives, please sign up below to opt in to additional communications and to volunteer for leadership opportunities.

Are there any dues or fees involved in joining the Family Action Network? No, there are no membership fees or dues required to participate in the Family Action Network. You can volunteer to participate in any initiative, at any level, at any time throughout the year. The Family Action Network does not focus on fundraising, but on volunteering time and talent to support the school.

What is the difference between the Family Action Network, Encore, and Conservatory Parent Arts Councils (PAC)? The Family Action Network is most similar to a parent-teacher association and supports school-wide family engagement initiatives. Encore is a fun, social membership group through the CSArts-SGV Foundation that provides an opportunity for parents to connect and socialize while helping fund major schoolwide initiatives through membership contributions. The Conservatory Parents Arts Council (PAC) creates volunteer opportunities for parents within their child’s arts conservatory. To get more involved in your Conservatory volunteer opportunities, please reach out to your conservatory director.

What is a Lead Parent Volunteer? Each of the Family Action Network initiatives are led by parent or guardian volunteers, in collaboration with the school administration. Becoming a Lead Parent Volunteer is a great way to help facilitate and direct the Family Action Network initiatives that you are most passionate about.

Family Action Network Initiatives

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Events: Every month, the Family Action Network organizes a themed staff appreciation event on the CSArts-SGV campus. Volunteer tasks include food and drink donations, decorations, set-up/clean-up, and any additional event assistance. This is a fun-filled parent group that brings much joy to the teachers and administrative team. 

Parent Connection Activities: The Family Action Network supports regular opportunities for parents to meet and make meaningful connections with others in the CSArts-SGV parent community. This includes potlucks, mixers, and connection opportunities for newly admitted CSArts-SGV families. If you are interested in connecting via social media, please join us in the private, parent-run CSArts-SGV Parent Facebook Group.

Parent Education Presentations: The Family Action Network hosts presentations about current issues that impact our student body. Examples of possible topics include school safety, social media, college preparation, vaping, etc. This group will help to brainstorm relevant topics and help with on-site coordination for the presentations. 

*This group will also help to facilitate town halls and schoolwide information sessions with the school's administrative team.

Volunteer Opportunities: This Family Action Network group is our go-to list for all possible volunteer opportunities that come up throughout the year, including (but not limited to) front desk support, administrative office support, school-wide event support, and senior celebration events. These volunteers will be contacted via email. Scheduling will be based on the parents’ availability.

Professional Mentorship Opportunities: The Professional Mentorship Program will pair rising seniors with professional mentors in their selected area of interest. This group will consist of parents who are considered experts in their field (at least five years in the profession) who are willing to meet with students 2-3 times during the year, including at least one “shadow” opportunity at your place of work. This annual program will culminate in a mentorship luncheon with mentors and mentees. This group consists of both parents, family members, and community members.

Click the button below to sign up for one or more of the above Family Action Network engagement opportunities. 

For additional information, please contact Dr. Stephen Cook, Associate Principal, at familyactionnetwork@sgv.csarts.net.

Want to be even more involved? Click here to learn about Encore and President’s Circle.


Upcoming Involvement Opportunities

Upcoming opportunities to become involved are emailed out directly to those who have filled out the above Sign Up Sheet.

We often ask parents to volunteer to bring food or donated items for various campus events. As we know it can be difficult to get donations to school, if you would rather donate cash, we will shop for you! We have a PayPal dedicated to CSArts-SGV FAN and you can make a donation HERE.