AP exams will be administered Monday, May 6th through Thursday, May 17th, 2019 on the CSArts-SGV campus. All students currently in an AP class at CSArts-SGV are eligible to take a corresponding AP exam. Because there is a sizable monetary obligation to taking AP exams and extensive study time involved, it is important for both students and parents to discuss and determine how many exams the student can realistically manage.  Students are encouraged to register only for those exams they are committed to taking.   An AP Bulletin will be distributed to students in their AP classes in early January, but can also be accessed on the College Board website by clicking on the following link: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/2015-16-ap-bulletin-students-parents.pdf

PURCHASING AN EXAM – Students wishing to take an AP exam this year should register and pay for the exam(s) through the SGV Box Office beginning January 28th.  The exam fee established by College Board for each test is $94.00. If your family qualifies for FRLP, the fee is $53.00.  When ordering exams, we highly encourage both student and parent to be present to ensure that the correct exams are ordered.  Please print/save your emailed receipt of payment for your records as students may be asked for this for future reference or refunds.  The deadline for purchasing an exam is Monday, March 4th at 11:59 PM.  CSArts-SGV is obligated to an order deadline and as a result, there are no extensions past this deadline.   Students who miss the March 4th purchasing deadline may be added to a waitlist.  Please email Mrs. Read at nicole.read@sgv.csarts.net to be placed on a waitlist.  Students will be notified if tests become available and will be given directions at that time for how to purchase the exam.   

REFUND POLICY - If a student registers for an exam and cancels:

  • ON or BEFORE  March 21, 2019, a FULL REFUND will issued.
  • ON or AFTER  March 22, 2019, NO REFUNDS will be issued.

LATE TESTING POLICY - College Board’s policy for administering alternate AP exams can be found here.  CSArts only offers late-testing when multiple tests are offered at the same time or in emergency situations.  Depending on the circumstances, late-testing may require additional fees to cover ordering and proctor fees. 

AP EXAM SCHEDULE AND INFORMATION - Please click here to view the AP exam schedule. 

Students will be notified of their testing location prior to their exam date.  Please refer to the AP Bulletin for any clarification in regards to what should and should not be brought to the exam room.

AP SCORES - In July 2019, students will be able to receive and send their AP scores to colleges by phone with College Board’s automated grade reporting service. Details regarding this service may be found in the AP Bulletin. Extensive information regarding AP Exams, including practice questions may be found here.

CSArts-SGV is offering AP and honors level courses during the 2018-19 school year. Most AP and honors courses have suggested pre-requisites, so please refer to the Curriculum Handbook, when determining courses for the upcoming school year. If a student does not meet the suggested prerequisites for a course and still wants to take the class, the student may meet with a school counselor to discuss a plan and complete an AP/Honors course waiver form that may enable an opportunity to take the course. 


CSArts-SGV offers honors classes in many academic courses. All students are eligible to participate in honors, although there are recommended prerequisites. Again, see the Curriculum Handbook for details. 
CSArts-SGV honors courses earn weighted credit. The University of California system approved the CSArts-SGV honors courses for extra honors credit: a=5, b=4, c=3
Please note that the decision to use weighted grade criteria in the determination of college acceptance is at the discretion of the post-secondary institution.
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