About the Ballet & Contemporary Dance Conservatory

The Ballet & Contemporary Dance Conservatory offers students intensive and specialized pre-professional training in a variety of dance styles and disciplines, including ballet, modern, pointe, variations, composition, choreography, dance history, and movement. Over the course of a rigorous six-year program, students commit themselves to their training and education in a nurturing and disciplined environment. Students are exposed to renowned guest dance instructors, university faculty, and leaders in the professional industry, who visit the campus to share their expertise and creativity through residencies and master classes. The Ballet & Contemporary Dance Conservatory also offers unique and exciting performance opportunities, where students have the chance to demonstrate the artistic skills and talents they have gained throughout their time in the conservatory.

Student Experience

Ballet & Contemporary Dance students experience in-depth training in classical ballet and modern techniques. Ballet technique encompasses pointe, men’s technique, pas de deux, partnering, contemporary ballet, and variations, while modern technique encompasses improvisation, release technique, and choreography composition. Students are also exposed to jazz dance and cross-training techniques through the conservatory’s conditioning and Pilates classes. By spending multiple hours each week in technique classes and rehearsals, students develop an appreciation for different dance genres, styles, and history.

  • “Through the Ballet & Contemporary Dance Conservatory, I have learned that immersing yourself with individuals who care about you and promote facilitated progress will allow you to travel further than you could have ever imagined.”
    Brandon Karagozian – Class of 2020
  • “My technique has grown so much and so have I as a person thanks to the amazing faculty. The dance world can be intimidating, but thanks to my teachers’ encouragement, I am confident to pursue my passion after graduating.”
    Calista Bennett – Class of 2021

Preparing Students for the Future

The Ballet & Contemporary Dance Conservatory prepares its students to follow either a professional or collegiate path. The conservatory’s highly qualified faculty members possess extensive professional experience in the dance world, providing students with the technical skills, discipline, commitment, and edge necessary for a professional career in dance or dance-related fields. The conservatory’s Master Artist Series prepares students for working with guest choreographers and exposes them to the demands and skills needed to successfully navigate the industry. For those who decide to follow a non-dance-related path upon graduation, the Ballet & Contemporary Dance Conservatory's emphasis on structure and discipline is beneficial to all fields of study and professional endeavors.