About The Acting Conservatory

The Acting Conservatory offers comprehensive acting and movement training to students who aspire to achieve a career onstage or in film and television. Tailored for young actors interested in advancing their dramatic acting skills, the conservatory encourages its students to develop healthy technique, experience a variety of styles, learn about the history of the craft, and prepare themselves for further study and/or a career in the arts. Students are exposed to renowned guest artists, university faculty, and industry leaders who visit the school’s campus to share their expertise and creativity through masterclasses, lectures, performances, presentations, and hands-on training. The Acting Conservatory offers a number of unique and exciting performance opportunities each year where students have the chance to demonstrate their artistic skills and talents.

Student Experience

Students enrolled in the Acting Conservatory learn all aspects of the craft of acting from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Each grade level offers its own unique acting class that exposes students to different approaches and styles every year. Students have the opportunity to study production, playreading, improvisation, Shakespeare, theatre history, acting for the camera (commercials/television/movies), dance for actors, singing for actors, movement styles, voice and diction, stage combat, audition technique, stage makeup, mask creation, and other exciting topics. The conservatory’s caring and dedicated faculty members focus on developing students into great actors by instilling principles of confidence, presence, focus, creativity, imagination, persistence, listening, and understanding. Acting Conservatory students have the opportunity to perform in plays produced by the Acting and Musical Theatre Conservatories, classroom recitals, special events, and showcases.

  • “I strongly believe that being part of such a demanding program has made me into a more mature individual and a hardworking, diligent student and young professional. I've learned so much about time management, collaboration, tenacity and respect, which I will carry throughout my future career.”
    Lily Annino – Class of 2019
  • “I find myself connecting conservatory concepts to my academic concepts. I’ve noticed how these connections give me a different point of view on situations and conflicts. Not only has it had an effect on my academics, but the Acting Conservatory has given me a safe group of creative minds with whom I can share my insecurities, strengths, and artistic discoveries.”
    Jessie Franks – Class of 2021

Preparing Students for the Future

The Acting Conservatory trains students to become serious performing artists with the skill set necessary to pursue a professional career in the industry, attend a prestigious college/university studying the major of their choice, and/or participate in an arts school or conservatory program. The Acting Conservatory encourages the development of practical life skills beneficial to its students’ futures regardless of the post-graduate path they choose to follow. While in the program, students develop strong communication, creative thinking, collaboration, leadership, problem solving, conflict management, and time management skills.