The Visual Arts Conservatory offers four tracks that students can begin pursuing in their sophomore year. These tracks include Pictorial Art, Spatial Art, Digital Media Art, and Studio Art. These tracks allow students to have more control over their education and to devote more time to the areas they are most interested in.

The Pictorial Art track focuses on two-dimensional methods of art making and features classes such as Advanced Oil Painting, Anatomy, Mural Painting, Plein Air, Style Writing, and Watercolor.

The Spatial Art track is for students interested in three-dimensional artworks with classes like Ceramics, Fashion Design, Tile & Mosaic, and Mixed Media.

The Digital Media Art track includes classes such as Character & World Building, Graphic Design, Animation, Video Game Design, and Digital Photography.

The Studio Art track is for students who wish to explore the different forms of art by choosing from a variety of classes.