About the Commercial Dance Conservatory

The Commercial Dance Conservatory offers students pre-professional training in a wide variety of dance forms and styles. This conservatory is specially designed to develop well-rounded dancers with the technical skills, discipline, and commitment necessary for a professional career in the dance industry as well as admittance into prestigious university and college dance programs. Master classes featuring distinguished guest artists, university faculty, and leaders in the professional industry are scheduled throughout the school year, which provide students the unique opportunity to establish a working relationship with internationally renowned choreographers. Intended for serious, mature dancers with a passion for their artistry, the Commercial Dance Conservatory also offers exciting performance opportunities, where students have the chance to demonstrate the artistic skills and talents they have gained throughout their time in the conservatory.

Student Experience

Commercial Dance Conservatory students receive technical instruction in jazz, ballet, tap, modern, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and musical theatre dance from a core faculty of professional artists. Students also receive classes in choreography, dance history, and injury prevention/rehabilitation, as well as instruction on how to prepare for the business requirements related to obtaining professional work. Performance opportunities include several concerts each year, featuring original choreography by esteemed Commercial Dance Conservatory faculty, emerging student choreographers, and master guest artists. Students also have multiple opportunities to explore dance for film in front of and behind the camera.

  • “The Commercial Dance Conservatory is a family of artists. We all inspire each other and push each other to be the best we can be. Every day, I am excited to walk into the studio and let everything go as I dance next to my best friends.”
    Nicole Slessor – Class of 2019
  • “Being in Commercial Dance has allowed me to grow as both a dancer, performer, and human being to an extent that I cannot quite comprehend. I have become more aware of my own body — its limitations and strengths — and have learned to connect dance to the world and people around me, which has changed my perspective.”
    Alison Hwang – Class of 2019

Preparing Students for the Future

The Commercial Dance Conservatory prepares its students to follow either a professional or collegiate path. Upon graduating, students possess the experience and discipline required to perform in music videos, onstage, on television, and in film, as well as the skill sets needed to successfully enter renowned college and university dance programs. The Commercial Dance Conservatory encourages students to develop themselves as dancers and artists, providing them with techniques to use in their future roles as performers, choreographers, directors, producers, and educators, or in any career/major they choose to pursue. For those who decide to follow a non-dance-related path upon graduation, the Commercial Dance Conservatory's emphasis on structure and discipline is beneficial to all fields of study and professional endeavors.