About the Musical Theatre Conservatory

The Musical Theatre Conservatory offers a rigorous and comprehensive course of study for serious musical theatre students, who aspire to achieve a career onstage, in film and television, or in the recording arts. Students are exposed to classes in a variety of styles, including acting technique, vocal technique, vocal performance, audition technique, musical theatre history, keyboard, music theory, musicianship, pop vocal, stage movement and combat, and stage makeup. Each year, the conservatory offers a number of unique and exciting performances, where students have the chance to demonstrate the artistic skills and talents they have gained throughout their time in the program. Musical Theatre Conservatory students are provided one-of-a-kind opportunities to meet, work with, and learn from renowned guest artists and alumni, university faculty, and industry leaders.

Student Experience

Each year, students in the Musical Theatre Conservatory concentrate on musical theatre vocal technique and acting. Middle school students experience a broad-based introduction to acting, musical theatre, and performance technique in preparation for the high school program. High school students receive a challenging and innovative arts education similar to that of a collegiate arts program, supported by a comprehensive curriculum that balances performance and technique. Over the course of the program, students devote themselves to studying unique topics such as vocal styles, musical theatre history, theory and musicianship, the physical instrument, and the business of musical theatre. All Musical Theatre Conservatory students are highly encouraged to enroll in Dance as their PE Elective unless currently enrolled in private dance studio classes.

  • “The Musical Theatre Conservatory has brought me closer to pursuing my goals and taught me the values of hard work and professionalism. No matter what future career I choose, I know that the gifts of growing to be an authentic human being will follow me well into adulthood.”
    Celine Lozano – Class of 2020
  • “My conservatory experience has been so enlightening for me both as a person and as a performer. Besides learning how to prepare for an audition, or how to embody a character, or learning proper vocal technique, I have learned how to be flexible, hardworking, and passionate.”
    Melia Jost – Class of 2020

Preparing Students for the Future

The Musical Theatre Conservatory trains students to become serious performing artists with the skill sets necessary to pursue a professional career in the industry, attend a prestigious college/university in a major of their choice, and/or participate in an arts school or conservatory program. During students’ junior and senior years, many components of the conservatory curriculum focus on preparing them for life after graduation, and students are provided ample time to practice for college auditions. Additionally, the Musical Theatre Conservatory encourages the development of practical life skills beneficial to students’ futures regardless of the post-graduate path they choose to follow. While in the program, students learn proper rehearsal and performance etiquette, time management skills, communication skills, how to work cooperatively in a group setting, and how to produce quality work in a fast-paced environment.