California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley and Santa Monica-based production company mediaV have partnered to develop the “Incubator Project,” a one-of-a-kind collaboration that gives students within the CSArts-SGV Musical Theatre Conservatory the opportunity to be the first to originate and produce a series of brand new rock musicals. Using the works of William Shakespeare as source material, the Incubator Project creates modern and relevant musicals premiered by CSArts-SGV students and subsequently made available for the public to license and perform. Musical Theatre students workshop the new production in class and premiere it the following year.  

About the Course

This course gives students an opportunity to develop a musical theater production from its origination. They will develop the project creatively as well as from a marketing and producing perspective. While workshopping the new musicals, students will work toward the overall betterment of characters, story arc and song storytelling using their own life experiences. They will be expected to give and receive criticism on a professional level, putting the success of the new work above personal goals such as casting. Students will learn all responsibilities and positions needed to bring a production to the stage, including how to think about business while also staying in an artist mindset. 

Our First Show


The Merry Lives of Windsor High

The Merry Lives of Windsor High premiered at CSArts-SGV on Nov. 30, 2018 at the Duarte Performing Arts Center. This modern rock musical based on William Shakespeare's comedy, "Merry Wives of Windsor," pulls a classic work into a fun, teenage perspective. 

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