About the Integrated Arts Conservatory

The Integrated Arts Conservatory offers a diverse and challenging high-caliber program. Talented faculty members teach the student artists a wide range of subjects from a variety of arts disciplines. This program is designed to provide aspiring artists with an opportunity to explore and actively participate in a multitude of arts classes in a stimulating, creative, and nurturing environment. Each student is exposed to a broad spectrum of the arts, including visual arts, creative writing, musical theatre, pop vocal, acting, production and design, graphic arts, film and television, and drama therapy.

Student Experience

Students in the Integrated Arts Conservatory expand their perspectives, experiencing many aspects of the arts and cultivating a deeper appreciation of the craft, theories, and history of the arts. Students discover hidden talents and passions, while developing personal and artistic confidence. Integrated Arts students also have the unique opportunity to hone medium-specific skillsets and explore cross-disciplinary interests.

  • “Being able to create so many diverse pieces of art has been very beneficial for me because I have been able to expand my creative capabilities. With these new experiences, I have a better understanding of what art disciplines I want to focus more on for my career.”
    Lily Penner – Class of 2020
  • “The Integrated Arts Conservatory has made me feel part of a family and community I will always treasure. Being someone who is interested in many art forms, I felt welcomed and supported by the incredible conservatory teachers who were there to help us all in our journey to be the kind of artists we wanted to be.”
    Bella DiFiore – Class of 2019
  • “My experience as an Integrated Arts student has been exceptional. I feel blessed to have been exposed to many different art forms besides my usual acting, writing, and piano playing. I was given the chance to explore other art forms that I now love, such as poetry, photography, and dance.”
    Nora Wu– Class of 2019

Preparing Students for the Future

Students who complete the Integrated Arts Conservatory program have an outstanding foundation in a multitude of art forms. Integrated Arts students graduate with an excellent body of knowledge, which gives them a strong sense of self and self-worth as they pursue their higher education goals, whether it be in the performing arts or in an academic field of study.