About the Vocal Arts Conservatory

The Vocal Arts Conservatory offers a rigorous and comprehensive course of study focused on training all aspects of the vocal artist across multiple musical genres - including jazz, folk, choral, musical theatre, classical, and contemporary styles. Students in this conservatory are immersed in the fundamental elements of music as the basis for artistic expression, empowering them with the musical training and artistic tools to “sing outside of the box.” The Vocal Arts Conservatory curriculum is balanced between performance-based classes and academic music courses. This program is ideal for young singers who are passionate about storytelling through music, who enjoy expressing themselves with their voice, and for those who may someday choose to pursue a career in any genre of the vocal arts.

Student Experience

Vocal Arts students take specialized music classes alongside peers who have similar interests. These areas of study include vocal technique, music theory & musicianship, music history, diction, as well as classes focused on solo and ensemble singing. As students acquire greater musicianship and artistry, more genre-specific elective classes are offered in the fields of contemporary music, classical music, and acting & performance skills. All students participate in one or more ensembles and experience the camaraderie of shared music-making. Frequent in-class and public performance opportunities give students the chance to put their new skills to use in real time. Students also benefit from the knowledge, experience, and high-caliber education of the faculty. Renowned guest artists, university faculty, and industry leaders visit the school’s campus to share their expertise and creativity through master classes, lectures, presentations, and hands-on training.

  • “I really appreciate the Vocal Arts Conservatory because it provides me a safe yet challenging environment to grow as an artist. I receive high-quality instruction every day in a group of incredibly supportive students.”
    Nara Duffie - Class of 2021
  • “I have learned so much, from music theory to stepping out of my comfort zone and singing classical music. My mentors and peers have been such an inspiration to me, and from them I have learned so many valuable lessons.”
    Natalia Bugarin - Class of 2020
  • “Before I came to CSArts-SGV, I loved singing, but I didn’t have the tools I needed to sound the way I wanted. Now, I’m able to sing with more variety of vocal color and style, and I can sing loudly and confidently without strain. The training I’ve received in music theory has given me the tools to learn and create my own music.”
    Tommy Hubert - Class of 2021

Preparing Students for the Future

The Vocal Arts Conservatory is a home for students who are passionate about expressing themselves with their voice in any genre of music - from classical to commercial music and everything in between. The Vocal Arts Conservatory seeks to foster the growth of thoughtful singing artists who are collaborative advocates for their art form. Additionally, the Vocal Arts curriculum prepares young singers to thrive in a university or arts conservatory program, and to pursue a career as a performer, teacher or producer in any genre of the vocal arts.