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Welcome Letter from the Leadership Team

We are excited that you chose to attend California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley! While our school offers a world-class academic and arts education, that is not what makes CSArts-SGV a special place. That responsibility is ours. We are tasked, together, with creating a culture of respect, acceptance, creativity, and achievement. We want CSArts-SGV to be a model for inclusion and collaboration - a place where it’s safe to share your ideas, ask questions, take academic and artistic risks, and feel welcomed every single day.

The CSArts-SGV Student/Parent Handbook is a guide which further explains our policies through our daily expectations and practices. It is a description of how we will function as a family. It is based on a simple concept:

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Respect this place

CSArts-SGV is an experience that is growing better and more dynamic with each passing Season, and we are excited that you’ve chosen to join us on this journey. Our strength and success depends on the involvement and commitment of our entire CSArts-SGV family - that includes you! 

We are confident that our seventh Season will be a powerful and life-changing one. Let’s make CSArts-SGV a special place.

Sincerely Yours, 

Stephen Cook, D.M.A.
Principal of Arts
Nicole Read
Principal of Academics
Sean Kerr
Assistant Principal
Leon Metoyer
Assistant Principal