Scenic and Lighting

The Scenic and Lighting track allows students to focus on the global visual aspects that bring an event to life, including both design and implementation. Students study how these disciplines shape the atmosphere of a production and provide an environment in which a story is told. Special focus is directed toward script analysis, the design process, construction of scenery, and the hang and focus of light fixtures.

Costumes and Makeup

In the Costumes and Makeup track, students focus on individual visual aspects that bring characters to life, including both design and implementation. Students will learn how these disciplines can reflect the individuality of characters portrayed on a stage. Unique learning opportunities include stitching and pattern making, costume construction, multiple styles of makeup design and application, and fashion history.

Theatre Technologies

The Theatre Technologies track bridges many disciplines as the world of live events becomes ever-increasingly digital. New, state-of-the-art equipment benefits several existing classes in the audio, lighting, stagecraft, drafting, and wigs disciplines. Through observation, training, and continued practice, students will build familiarity with theatre-specific technologies and skills that can be applied to any technology such as networking, troubleshooting, and programming.