Director's Welcome Message

Director's Welcome Message

Welcome to the inaugural year of the CSArts-SGV Integrated Arts Conservatory.

I am thrilled to have met and interviewed so many talented and enthusiastic young artists and am excited to start them on their journey to artistic appreciation and knowledge.

The Integrated Arts program is built to stimulate, inspire, and invigorate our students to challenge themselves to surpass their goals in the arts. I have collected an amazing staff that is eager to work together with our students to help them create, innovate, and express themselves in different ways.

Fundraising | Performance Donations

Fundraising and Performance donations are VERY IMPORTANT, and are a big part of why we are able to provide performance opportunities.  Please note that these donations are not part of the Parent Funding Agreement (PFA).

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding these donations, feel free to contact Joey Ancona at or at 657-321-4000, ext. 60033.

CSArts-SGV is organized as a non-profit organization under IRS code 501(c)(3).
Our Tax ID is 81-3919990. All cash donations are fully tax deductible as provided by law.