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CSU Early Assessment Program

CSU Early Assessment Program

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) lets you know if you are ready for college-level work in English and mathematics at the end of your junior year of high school. In spring of your junior year, you will participate in the California Assessment of Student Performance and progress (CAASPP) assessments in English language arts//literacy and mathematics.  The CSU will use the CAASPP results to determine your EAP status. This early signal gives you the opportunity to improve your skills during your senior year or the summer before attending a CSU or community college. As a high school senior, you may determine your EAP status for math and English by accessing, log in with your CSU Mentor account, and follow a simple four step process. You may also receive step-by-step advice on preparing for the CSU.

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Academic Improvement Resources

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Please note that CSArts-SGV does not necessarily endorse any of these programs, but simply offers them as a resource for you. Information forthcoming

UC Approved Online Programs

To make up a class, students may attend summer school at any accredited high school and have those credits apply toward graduation requirements. If a student wants to take a class for enrichment or acceleration, the course must be UC approved and have pre-approval from their school counselor.

All CSArts-SGV Graduation Requirements (English, Math, Science, Social Science, World Language, PE, and Fine Arts), must be taken initially at CSArts-SGV to ensure the student is being taught according to the standards established by both the CSArts-SGV Board of Trustees and the State of California.

Please keep in mind that not every online school is approved to teach every course, so please check the UC website to make sure the specific course you need is on the school/program's list.

In addition to online programs, there are also Independent Study Programs: