Please consult the full Student-Parent Handbook for current Attendance Policies and Procedures

Work Permits

Students in need of an employee work permit should visit or email the Attendance Office at Please provide the details of the employment in the body of the email, including the name and address of the establishment, phone number, and supervisor’s name. Once this information is received, you will be be given or emailed Form CDE B1-1 Statement of Intent to Employ, which requires the student’s, parent’s, and supervising employer’s signature. Once the form is returned to Ms. Bolton, the form will be processed and your work permit will be issued within three business days.

For Entertainment Work Permits, you must complete the registration and application process on the California Department of Industrial Relations website here. Once you have obtained the required school form, please email it to Ms. Bolton and your permit will be processed within three business days.

Please Note: Students applying for a work permit must have satisfactory semester grades of “C” or better in all classes and no more than 15 absences during the school year, as reflected on the most recent semester grade report.