What is Aeries?

The Aeries Student Information System is a student data management system for K-12 schools that supports the requirements established by the California Department of Education, and other state and federal reporting mandates. Students and Parents, via the Aeries Browser Interface (ABI), can access student information via most computer web browsers. The Aeries software is used by more than 3,200 schools across 420 public school districts.

Students and parents can view important student information such as class schedules, grades, completion of high school proficiencies, progress reports, unofficial transcripts, and more! Keep in mind that because we have to request files from previous schools for all of our students and then build their transcripts manually, getting this information up to date will be a semester-long project for our registrar. 

Additionally, now that we have moved away from Schoology, live teacher gradebooks, along with all grade records and transcripts, will be housed in the Aeries Parent Portal. Parents can also download the Aeries app. Please watch this video for directions on how to sign on to the Aeries app.


If you already have an account set up, please click here for the Aeries Portal.

Each year, new students and their parents/guardians receive verification codes for Aeries account registration early in the school year. Verification code letters will be emailed to parents for parent auto-registration. Any technical questions or difficulties should be emailed to CSArts-SGV Tech Support at techsupport@csarts.net.