Schoology and Account Creation

Before you access Schoology (new students), you must first create your account and update your passwords. The handout that was distributed at registration with details can be found here.

Schoology Access

After students have set up their CSArts accounts, they can access Schoology by visiting Their username is firstname.lastname and their password is the one they've already set up. For tips on how to use Schoology, please use these helpful screencasts for STUDENTS and this one for PARENTS.

Parents, parent access codes are sent confidentially via email the weekend before school starts from Nicole Read (Assistant Principal). This code allows you to create a parent account from the schoology site located here: (note that this is a different site than students use). A helpful video is available for parents here to guide them through the steps. In addition, this helpful guide has information on a variety of situations: linking multiple children accounts, changing your notifications, etc. Otherwise, the student screencast linked above is also pertinent parent information.

If after reviewing all the materials linked above, you have additional questions, please reach out to Nicole Read at

Accessing Student Email and Google Accounts

All CSArts students have a CSArts (Microsoft 365/Google) account. This account login will enable you to login to school computers, access wifi, log in to your personal student device (high school only), and allow you to access Schoology along with a host of helpful apps. The instructions for getting access to these accounts is detailed above in the link provided at the top of this page. If you have followed these steps and are still having issues, please reach out to Tech Support at to reset your password.

All Students: Having completed the above steps, you now have a CSArts email account. To access your Microsoft Outlook account, visit That will take you to a login screen.  From there, please enter your email address: and the password you have selected for yourself.  You also now have a CSArts Google account. To log in visit, and enter as your username: and the password you have selected for yourself. This is a G-Suite account (Drive, Docs, etc.) but NOT a gmail account.