Creating a CSArts Student Account

The Tech Support Team would like to welcome you to the new school year here at California School of the Arts, San Gabriel Valley!

All CSArts students have a CSArts (Microsoft 365/Google) account. This account login will enable you to login to school computers, access wifi, log in to your personal student device (high school only), and allow you to access Schoology along with a host of helpful apps.

Step 1: Please visit to set up an account.

  • *Enter your username:    

  • Enter as your password: Pw[7 digit Perm ID#]

    • Your 7 digit Perm ID# is located on your schedule or on Aeries (CSArts Aeries, not your Duarte Middle School Aeries if you are a 7th or 8th grader)

    • Your password will look something like: Pw1000XXX

  • Create a new password:  

    • Minimum 8 characters

    • 1 Cap

    • 1 LowerCase

    • 1 special character

    • Can’t be your name  

  • Type your new password again

  • *If you have many first names or a really long first name, try using the very first name only or even just the first initial. If you need assistance, please email

  • If you have followed these steps and are still having issues, please visit Mrs. Read ( or Tech Support ( in the admin office to reset your password.

Once you have gone through Step 1, you have now created your CSArts account. When logging in to any school computer, your own school-issued device (high school only), or accessing school wifi, you will use the following credentials:

  • Username: firstname.lastname

  • Password: your uniquely created password from Step 1

Step 2: Please visit to access all of your CSArts courses and groups.

  • Log on with the same credentials just mentioned above:

    • Username: firstname.lastname

    • Password: your uniquely created password from Step 1

  • If this doesn’t work, give it a few minutes and try again

  • P.S. Schoology has a great app so download it now!

Step 3:

High School: Once you receive your student device, make sure to log on using the same information from Step 2. You need to do this while ON CAMPUS. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in from home. Once you log in ONCE, for the first time on campus, then you are good to go for using your devices from home.

All Students: Having completed the above steps, you also now have a CSArts email account. To access your Microsoft Outlook account, visit That will take you to a login screen.  From there, please enter your email address: and the password you have selected for yourself.  You also now have a CSArts Google account. To log in visit, and enter as your username: and the password you have selected for yourself. This is a G-Suite account (Drive, Docs, etc.) but NOT a gmail account.

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Parent Schoology Information

Early in the year, parents are emailed a unique parent code for creating a Schoology account that is linked to their student. This code can be used by multiple parents to set up different accounts. For the sake of the massive mail merge we send out, we only include one parent/guardian (Contact #1 in Aeries). Please feel free to forward your student’s code to their other parent/guardian.

If you did not receive such an email, please check your spam folder and then email with you and your child’s basic information so that we can verify who you are in order to send you the code.

Link for registering as a parent:

After registering, the link you will use to log in is:

Also, download the Schoology app!

Every Friday at 5:00pm, you will be automatically emailed a weekly summary of your child’s grades. For information on how to change the frequency of these notifications and others visit:

For help registering, consult these helpful directions from Schoology:

For help linking accounts, consult these directions:

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