Important School Safety Documents

The first button below contains our Comprehensive School Safety Plan, which also includes supporting documents such as our Emergency Manual, Student-Parent Handbook, and Employee Handbook. Below that, the Emergency Manual button will take you to just those specific procedures. Please contact Nicole Read if you have further questions.

What is the Emergency? What is the Signal? What Action do I take?
Fire Intermittent Bell Evacuate

Building Shaking

Intermittent bell

No bell sounds

Duck and cover

Evacuate when intermittent bell sounds

Use best judgement, if bell fails


PA Announcement: "There is an intruder. This is a lockdown. This is not a drill."

Lock down all rooms and keep students away from doors and windows - employ run, hide, fight training
Lockdown Due to Local Police Activity

PA announcement due to neighborhood police/public activity:

During class:

"Due to police activity in the area, please lock classroom doors until further notice. Do not leave campus. Teaching may resume."

During break:

"Due to police activity in the area, please calmly proceed to the nearest classroom and lock doors until further notice. Do not leave campus."

Lock doors and stay inside

Wait for another announcement

Loss of Power

Lights shut off

Phones / electrical equipment do not work

Remain in classroom for further instructions
Classroom Incident (student injury) Various actions will indicate a classroom emergency in progress

Call Health Office or Front Reception Desk (use buttons on phone)

DO NOT CALL 911 unless student has a head injury, in unconscious, or not breathing

Move students away from the emergency

Evacuation Routes Out of Buildings


Direction to Evacuate the Building

Music Center Out doors to field
100 Wing (Pink Building) Out doors to field
Gym Out doors to field
Administrative Offices, Cafeteria Out doors to field
200 Wing (Blue Building) Out doors to field
Performing Arts Center (PAC) and Scenic Lab Out doors to DHS track
Dance Portables Out doors to DHS track
400 Wing Out doors to DHS track
Wellness Center Out doors to DHS track

Evacuation Accountabilities - Faculty & Staff

  1. Have all students and guests leave the room calmly. Evacuate the building immediately on your designated route.
  2. Bring your Emergency Accountability Form, Attendance Roster, and classroom keys.
  3. Once you have arrived at your designated location, complete the Emergency Accountability Form and submit to the command post.