Public Hearing Notice for the 2024-25 El Dorado Charter SELPA Local Plan Sections B, D, and E

The public hearing will take place at the CEO Council Meeting on Thursday, May 16, 2024, from 12 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

There are two notices, one in English and one in Spanish.

El Dorado Charter SELPA

In California, every local education agency (LEA) is required to belong to a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). The SELPA is a consortium of LEAs responsible for the development of special education policies and procedures, distribution of federal and state special education funds, and providing a range of professional development pertaining to special education. With this support, the Charter SELPA’s partners continue to demonstrate the capacity to provide high-quality special education programs to their students.

The El Dorado County Charter SELPA was the first statewide charter-only SELPA. The Charter SELPA is a cooperative model designed to ensure special education programs are available for all students with disabilities.

Since 2007 the Charter SELPA has grown from four charter partners, operating 10 charter schools, to include 178 partners, operating 375 charter schools, representing over 100,000 students.

CSArts-SGV operating as an LEA

As a LEA partner within the El Dorado Charter SELPA, CSArts-SGV operates our own special education program, hires our own staff, and ensures that students who attend CSArts-SGV receive all of the services and supports, as required by state and federal law, in order to benefit from their educational program.

CSArts-SGV & El Dorado Charter SELPA Local Plan

Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Local Plan Certification

CSArts-SGV is a participating Local Educational Agency (LEA) within the El Dorado Charter Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).

CSArts-SGV certifies that the El Dorado Charter SELPA local plan has been adopted by the CSArts-SGV governing board and is the basis for the operation and administration of special education programs. CSArts-SGV will meet all applicable requirements of special education state and federal laws and regulations, and state policies and procedures. 

CSArts-SGV administration shall administer the local implementation of policies, procedures, and practices in  accordance with special education state and federal laws, rules, and regulations, which will ensure full compliance. CSArts-SGV certifies our participation in the El Dorado Charter SELPA which is a Multi-LEA SELPA. 

CSArts-SGV administration ensures the current local plan includes the following sections: 

  1. Governance and Administration (Section B),

  2. Annual Budget Plan (Section D),

  3. Annual Services Plan (Section E), including updates or revisions to Sections B, D, E, and/or Attachments, is posted on the CSArts-SGV website and is available to any interested party.

For more information and to access the local plan, please visit the El Dorado Charter SELPA Governance site.

SELPA Governance



California School of the Arts — San Gabriel Valley (CSArts-SGV) as a Partner Local Education Agency (LEA) of the El Dorado Charter SELPA is responsible for the following:

  • CSArts-SGV adheres to the Local Plan, Policies, and Procedures as adopted by the El Dorado Charter SELPA CEO Council

  • CSArts-SGV hires and determines the duties of the special education teachers, instructional aides, and other personnel

  • CSArts-SGV organizes and administers the activities of the IEP team

  • CSArts-SGV implements special education programs in compliance with state and federal mandates

  • CSArts-SGV provides facilities as required to house the programs

  • CSArts-SGV provides materials for the programs

  • CSArts-SGV cooperates in the development of curricula and evaluation of the programs

  • CSArts-SGV cooperates in the development of the procedures and methods for communicating with parents and/or legal guardians of the individuals served

  • CSArts-SGV prepares and submits all required reports, including reports on student enrollment, program expenditures, and program evaluation

  • CSArts-SGV designates staff including:

    • CSArts-SGV representative on the Charter SELPA Steering Committee

    • CSArts-SGV representative to serve on the Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

    • Superintendent/CEO or school leader to represent CSArts-SGV on the Charter SELPA CEO Council

  • CSArts-SGV receives special education funding from El Dorado County in accordance with the El Dorado Charter SELPA’s Allocation and Budget Plan

Special Education Parent Handbook

Special education is a complex and ever-changing system of principles, practices, relevant laws and policies. Knowing the basics of special education in California will help parents navigate the IEP process. This includes parent’s rights, general terminology, and additional resources.

Parent Handbook 

Child Find Special Education

Child Find is a foundation component of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

IDEA Child Find requires every state to identify, locate, and evaluate all children with disabilities, from birth to their 22nd birthday, who need Early Intervention or special education and related services. IDEA requires Child Find evaluation regardless of the severity of the child’s disability, whether the child attends private or public school, or if a child is experiencing homelessness.

It is important to “find” children who may need services and reach them early because research tells us that children with disabilities do better across their lives when they receive help early.

Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (20 U.S.C. §§ 1400 et. seq) and relevant state law, CSArts-SGV is responsible for identifying, locating, and evaluating children enrolled at CSArts-SGV with known or suspected disabilities to determine whether a need for special education and related services exists.  This includes children with disabilities who are homeless or are wards of the State. 

If you know of a child who has a disability or that you suspect may have a disability, you may refer that child’s parent or guardian to Please note: All referrals are considered confidential.  The parent, legal guardian, or surrogate parent retains the right to refuse services and other procedural safeguards under federal and state law.